Privacy Policy

I. Introduction and Scope

This Privacy Policy is a formal declaration of the data management practices employed by Shotbox SMC Pvt Ltd, herein referred to as ‘the Company’, through its digital platform, It outlines our unwavering commitment to safeguarding the privacy and security of the personal data entrusted to us by our users.

II. Data Collection: Scope and Methodology

The Company undertakes the collection of a variety of personal data, which includes but is not limited to, demographic information such as age and occupation; contact details including residential address and email; identifiers like national identification numbers; digital footprint data encompassing Instagram login credentials; and where necessary for the nature of specific events, sensitive health-related data. The methodology employed in this data collection is both transparent and consistent, ensuring compliance with the highest standards of data collection ethics.

III. The Rationale Behind Data Collection

The primary objective of our data collection is to curate and manage an exclusive event experience, tailored to the preferences and expectations of our clientele. The data serves a multifaceted purpose: from client verification to personalized event management, and from ensuring user compatibility with the event’s exclusivity to enhancing the overall service quality.

IV. Commitment to Data Security

In our role as custodians of your personal data, we employ state-of-the-art security measures, including but not limited to, advanced encryption, rigorous data access protocols, and secure server environments. These measures are continuously reviewed and updated to combat emerging security threats and vulnerabilities.

V. Empowering User Data Rights

We recognize and respect the autonomy of our users over their personal data. Users retain the right to request access to their data. Full deletion of personal data, including all identifiers, is subject to the user’s decision to terminate their account. Notwithstanding, certain data may be retained in compliance with legal obligations or for purposes that serve legitimate business interests.

VI. The Use of Cookies and Similar Technologies

Our Website employs cookies solely for the purpose of geolocation to enhance the efficacy of service delivery. The deployment of these technologies is judiciously managed, ensuring minimal intrusion into user privacy.

VII. Stance on International Data Transfer

The Company adheres to a stringent policy of not engaging in the international transfer of user data, thereby ensuring that the data remains within the jurisdictional boundaries under which it was collected.

VIII. Comprehensive Data Deletion Policy

  1. User-Initiated Data Deletion: Users possess the right to initiate the deletion of their personal data, a process commencing with the termination of their user account.
  2. Protocol for Automatic Data Deletion: The Company has instituted a rigorous protocol for the automatic deletion of sensitive data, post its utility expiration.
  3. Data Retention Compliance: Data retention, where necessary, will be in strict compliance with legal mandates and the Company’s internal data governance policies.
  4. Assurance of Implementation: The Company is unequivocally committed to executing these data deletion and retention practices in alignment with prevailing data protection laws and operational exigencies.

IX. Amendments and Updates to Privacy Policy

The Company reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy. Such amendments will be effectively communicated to our users via email and published on our Website, ensuring continuous alignment with evolving legal and ethical standards in data management.


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